The 2015 Christmas show is up and running.  No real changes except I now have a snowman to keep the 2 reindeer company.       

I'm waiting on confirmations of other displays before I print my "1-Sheeters" which will be available in my front yard for anyone who visits my display.  This has locations of other displays near my house.  There are several displays somewhat near mine.  Every display is unique and if you like these synchronized displays, you should really visit as many as you can.  Obviously the physical layouts are different, but so are the musical selections and the way the sequences are written.      

I've posted 2 HD videos of the 2011 display.  If you search Vimeo for "Sleigh Ride Southcreek Drive" you should be able to see another video on Vimeo that is not on my website.

Please feel free to visit the Guestbook and post a comment or suggestion.

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