Tech Specs

I don't have the most lights, the most channels, the most feet of extension cords or the most songs.  My display is pretty small, as these things go.  Listed below is some of the technical information on my display.

Approx 5,000 lights

64 Channels

26 Songs

Approx 2,500 feet of extension cords.

Approx Show Run Time:  1 Hour 30 Min.

FM Radio Frequency  103.9

C9 lights (those are the big old fashioned lights that used to be on everyone's house before they came out with the icicle lights) on the rooflines, in the luminarias & the red fireplace "outliner". 
Incandescent minis on the bushes, palm trunks, reindeer, door wreaths & entry icicle lights.
C7 lights in each of the 6 candelabra lights in the windows and in Rudolph's "Red Nose".                            120 watt spot lights on the tops of the palm trees.
White rope lights spiral up the pole of the Mega Tree.
LED C3 & C6 lights on the Mega Tree.

If all the lights were on at the same time, it would draw about 32 amps, or about 3,700 watts.  Obviously they're rarely all on at the same time, so the electric bill isn't bad.  I really never even noticed an increase in the December bill even before I did the synchronization, and the lights were frequently left on until 2 or 3AM.  So the synchronization actually helps in that respect.

It's all controlled using 4 Light-o-Rama LOR-1602W 16-channel controller boxes.  These controller boxes are what the extension cords are actually plugged into.  The controller boxes are themselves controlled by the LOR software, which runs on a computer running Windows XP.  A CAT5 cable goes from the computer to the 1st controller box, then the boxes are daisy chained from there.   It's pretty easy & straight forward to program, it's just very tedious & time consuming if you start to get precise in the programming.  I probably average about 24 hours to program a 3-4 minute song. 

FM Audio Transmission    103.9FM
I use a Ramsey FM25B low power FM transmitter so you can listen to the music on your car radio.  It only transmits cleanly about 1,500 feet. 

26 Songs for 2015
See the "Playlist" tab for titles & artists.

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